Tuesday, September 28

Stella's Stunners

Cool and off-beat math and logic puzzles all in one site.

Sunday, September 26

One Neurotic Neighborhood

Teachers are an okay bunch, I guess, and I like most of my colleagues, but I am not sure that I could imagine living in a neighborhood populated entirely by teachers. The built in neuroses that come with the job would only be magnified.

Tuesday, September 21

Community College

Community colleges are designed to provide some measure of higher education to anybody, a kind of last chance for higher education even for those who did not succeed in high school. The Obama administration has invested a great deal in community colleges, to help reach America's weakest populations. Well, following the law of unintended consequences, it seems that too many weakest students are attending, so community colleges are going to start raising admissions standards. Doesn't that defeat the purpose? (Check out of the vitriol in the comments, not all of its coherent.)

Sunday, September 19

Robotic learning

Robots do as good a job of teaching language to young kids as human teachers. Kind of makes you feel obsolete, no?

Thursday, September 16

While We Are on The Topic...

...of bashing colleges, check out this series of books that offer a bundle of critical perspectives on the contemporary university experience.

Tuesday, September 14

Party School

I was never onento join the "secular college destroys Judaism" bandwagon, but it is hard not to criticize when one sees books like The Five Year Party (reviewed here by WSJ).

Sunday, September 12

To Recall or Not to Recall?

When graduating students confessed to all kinds of inappropriate shenanigans on their yearbook pages (drinking, sex, drugs), do you recall the yearbook and censor it, or do you let the yearbook reflect high-school life as it really is? This article takes the first approach, but the comments take the latter one.

Thursday, September 9

Will They Ever Leave

Twentysomethings: they are still kids, can't hold a job, move constantly, live at their parents' houses for long stretches of time, don't get married, and, basically, don't grow up. Portrait of today's emerging adults.

Tuesday, September 7

At That Price, I Would Teach Kindergarten

$320,000 salary for a kindergarten teacher. The odd part, is that the New York Times makes it seem perfectly reasonable (though nobody is actually earning that salary).

Sunday, September 5

Unwrapping the Gifted

A thought-provoking blog by Education Week on effectively teaching gifted students. (If you think that teaching very bright kids is easier than teaching intellectually weak kids, you are very very wrong.)

Thursday, September 2

Grading Teachers

Inevitably, with "back to school" we read about new efforts to grade teachers.
Guess who's not in favor?
NYT reports...

Star Wars and Bloom's taxonomy

YouTube does it again. This time, how to teach
Bloom's taxonomy using clips from the movie, Star Wars. (I am not sure that it totally holds together, but it is a cute idea.)