Thursday, July 29


Okay, so Finland has a great school system, with qualified teachers, cutting edge classrooms, equal opportunities, individualized attention, etc. But that only begs the question of what policy makers have to do in order to bring to a struggling school system to that level.

Tuesday, July 27

Brands of the Faith

Just came across this blog, related to this book, that traces the relationship between marketing and religion. For better or worse the two are totally inseparable today.

Sunday, July 25

The new economics curriculum

When I was in high school, they tried fruitlessly to teach me macroeconomics. I didn't understand a word. Today, someone at least is teaching more practical things: how to balance a budget, how to keep track of expenses, how to use credit cards effectively, how to plan for a financial future. Strikes me as a vast improvement.

Thursday, July 22

Braille Bee

Not your typical spelling bee: blind elementary school kids square off in a contest of braille reading.

Tuesday, July 20


On the one hand, cyberbullying is getting worse and worse, even as it seems to get more and more banal. (Sorry about overdoing it on the New York Times this week)

Sunday, July 18

Education and the NBA

The kid may or may not be good enoughto play in the NBA, but how in God's name did he complete high school having taken only two of 16 core courses. I get the distinct impression that our sports-obsessed culture has gone a bit crazy.

Thursday, July 15

Jerusalem's Streets

Anybody who has ever walked through the streets of Jerusalem knows the nostalgic feeling of identifying the great heroes of Jewish civilization who have been memorialized with street names. Well, it seems that fewer and fewer Israelis know who these people are. The Jewish Review of Books reflects.

If you thought education is expensive...

try ignorance. Well, it turns out that the cost of education is 15 million dollars ( or, at least, that is the unsustainable an irreplicable cost of turning around one of the United States's worst schools.)

Tuesday, July 13

Childrearing: not for the light of heart

Having children may or may not make you a happier, but it certainly makes you easier and more harried. Upon reading this New York Magazine article, one busy mother told me "Basically, let alcohol carry you along until you can fall back on nostalgia."

Sunday, July 11

Boys who don't like to read

Here are some book-recommendations for boys who don't like to read.

Thursday, July 8

Can the Teacher!

In both Israel and the United States, it is incredibly difficult to fire bad teachers, unless they do something criminal or grossly incompetent. Labor unions are that powerful, for better or worse. Slate explains.

Tuesday, July 6


Yes, it happens in the best Jewish schools too: underage drinking. New York Times' readers chime in on their own underage drinking experiences.

Sunday, July 4

Duh! Department

Someone presumably garnered a research grant to demonstrate correlation between actually showing up to class and higher grades. Now that that is a settled...