Thursday, April 29

Economics of Edutainment

The audio from our very succesful erev iyyun from last night is now up online. Please listen!


Most of the attention has gone to the RCA's resolution on female clergy, they also issued a statement about one-year programs in Israel. Frankly, I'm not sure what it adds beyond the obvious -- that parents should be involved, that Israel advisors in high school should have realistic expectations of students and the available programs, that yeshivas and seminaries should provide individual attention and supervision for students. But, such is the nature of consensus resolutions.

Wednesday, April 28

Edutainment Erev Iyyun - Tonight!

Discussion Evening on
"The Economics of Edutainment"
Professionalism & Pedagogy in 'One-Year' Israel Programs with
Mrs. Mali Brofsky, R. Yamin Goldsmith, R. Dani Goldstein, R. Alex Israel
Wednesday, April 28, 20107:30 PM
Hosted by the Israel Center22 Keren HaYesod Street, Jerusalem
ATID recently published two short essays entitled "The Economics of Edutainment," asking hard questions about a declining educational atmosphere in yeshivot and seminaries which educate Diaspora students in Israel, and pointing a finger at a lack of economic professionalism and poor treatment of staff in at least some schools. Many respondents thanked ATID for saying what others feared to say, while others suggested that lamenting problems did little to solve them.
Please join us for an evening of discussion on "The Economics of Edutainment." Four panelists, all experienced educators or administrators in one-year programs for men and women, will raise differing perspectives on the changing landscape of our educational institutions, after which we will make the first steps in convening smaller working groups to help propose solutions to the problems we decry.
7:30 PMGreetings and Introduction:Rabbi Jeffrey SaksDirector, ATID
Panel Discussion Dr. Yoel Finkelman , Moderator, Director of Projects and Research, ATID
Audience Discussion andConcluding ResponseRabbi Chaim BrovenderPresident, ATID RSVP to ATID02-567-1719 02-567-1719 or

Monday, April 26

The Jewish Educator's Book Club

Another in ATID's ongoing series of podcast discussions of the books of interest to Jewish educators. This time, Christian Smith's book, Souls in Transition, based on the National Study of Youth and Religion's examination of the religious lives of "emerging adults."

Sunday, April 25

No Jewish Narnia

I'm not much of anything in the fantasy, fiction, but I have so many friends who are. I always chalked it up to a matter of taste, but perhaps there is much more to it than that! Why is there no Jewish Narnia?

Thursday, April 22

Atid Forum

Following up our short essays on "the economics of edutainment," we are planning an evening of public discussion of the topic. We would love to see you there!

Tuesday, April 20

The Wikipedia of educational videos!

Free educational videos on any number of topics.

Sunday, April 18


Here is one way to deal with parenting stress, Onion style.

Thursday, April 15

It Takes Guts...

To put videos of your classroom online so that others can analyze what you do well or poorly and learn from your experience.

Tuesday, April 13

Bad advice

High school students don't always get the best advice about if, when, and where to go to college, and what to major in. We had blogged about the first of Public Agenda's reports here; now the second report, on pre-college guidance, has appeared.

Sunday, April 11

Lemov's taxonomy

If the NY Times is to be believed, effective teaching is not about funding, not about merit pay, not about federal initiatives, and not even about a teacher's inborn abilities. It is about Lemov's taxonomy: several dozen learnable techniques to keep kids focused.

Thursday, April 8

Religion dispatches

I just came across this useful website that summarizes and evaluates important religious news in America. Looks like a useful resource.

Tuesday, April 6

ATID Jewish Educators' Book Club

A new installment of atid's Jewish educators' book club podcasts: this time, I speak to with Cheryl Berman, author of Reasonable Doubts, a fascinating new book that combines Jewish philosophy, general philosophy, a poignant memoir, and a discussion of how faithful people can work through and gain from ongoing spiritual and religious crises.

Sunday, April 4

How to cure senioritis?

Skip the whole senior year.

Thursday, April 1

What if School Staff Meetings were Voluntary?

If staff meetings were voluntary, frankly, I would just go home, but I'm not a very dedicated teacher.