Sunday, February 28


Sorry to hear that the powers that be couldn't be more flexible; glad to hear that this frum women's basketball team did "the right thing."

What Bill Gates does not understand about education.

Recently, we posted about Bill Gates' funding initiative regarding education. Well, here is a one not very enthusiastic response.

Thursday, February 25

High school newspapers and the First Amendment

What happens when a student newspaper publishes an article critical of a teacher? Well, the school and teacher get irritated, but from a First Amendment perspective, it sounds like there is not a lot that they can do. (I'm not a lawyer, but wouldn't it matter if the school is paying for the newspaper?)

Tuesday, February 23

Teaching kids more about money

We've posted about this before, but here is another resource on helping prepare young people for future financial management.

Sunday, February 21

Your Teaching Style Doesn't Really Matter

Everybody knows that different students have different learnings styles, and that teachers should individualize their styles to the student body. Everybody knows that, it seems, except the research.

Thursday, February 18

The Good Old Fashioned American Work Ethic - Not!

I don't teach in an American college, but it's hard to argue, on the basis of my limited experience with American, British, French, and Australian students.

Tuesday, February 16

Do Youth Groups Matter

When my eldest daughter was in fifth grade, I had a casual conversation with a friend of mine who works as a synagogue rabbi here in Israel. "Is she in B'nei Akiva?" he wanted to know. "No," I answered, "she was never that into it." He was horrified. "You should make her go, or at least encourage it! It's so good for them."

Wondering what the evidence says, I spent some time looking at recent research on the history and impact of religious youth groups. The reslts are another in ATID's ongoing series, Survey of Research in Jewish Education.

Sunday, February 14

Jewish Ideas Daily

A new website, offering a smattering of the best and most interesting Jewish writing. Looks like it has potential.

Thursday, February 11

Why not to go to graduate school...

... at least in the humanities. Might be interesting, and you might learn a lot, but you very well may end up starving.

Tuesday, February 9

Free lunch

America's school lunch program is an unmitigated disaster, from a financial, nutritional, and social perspective. (At least, that's what one person says.)

Sunday, February 7

JD Salinger

Not your run of the mill eulogy for the recently deceased man who brought us the Catcher in the Rye.

Saturday, February 6

Is there really no alternative?

Irving Greenberg's essay advocating day schools garnered quite a bit of response. I am shocked that people still argue that supplemental schools are still the ideal option for Jewish kids!

Thursday, February 4

The spoiled brats of Jewish history

Leon Wieseltier, the literary editor of The New Republic, suggests that American Jews are the spoiled brats of Jewish history, whose ignorance of any Jewish language may doom them to long-term Jewish irrelevance.

Tuesday, February 2

The last five minutes

A handful of suggestions about what to do in those orphaned five minutes between the time when your lesson plan has finished and the bell has not yet rung.