Saturday, January 2

The Economics of Edutainment

Over the past few months, several educators involved in one-year Israel programs that educate students from the Diaspora have approached members of the ATID faculty to raise issues about the world of yeshivas and seminaries. After asking those educators to put pen to paper and articulate their concerns, we received two short essays, one on a proclaimed decline in the rigor of the education and the other on the deplorable employment conditions of staff. One need not agree with each and every one of their concerns to agree that the issues are worth discussing seriously.

Normally, we are utterly opposed to anonymous writing particularly when criticizing others. If one has something critical to say, one should stand by it openly. This case, we believe, is an exception, since publicizing the authors' names could hurt their job prospects.

The essays appear here, together with several other of ATID's "Op-Jed" pieces.


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