Thursday, December 31

Asking Questions

How to ask you students the right questions? Ultimately, this website wants your money, but they are short videos offer much to think about.

Tuesday, December 29

A Different Lense

Photographer Judah Harris has published an endearing photo essay taken on-site in Jewish day schools.

Sunday, December 27

Test Prep for Pre-Schoolers

Yet another sign that American early childhood education is losing its mind.

Wednesday, December 23

Thou Shalt Steal!

I thank God daily that I do not struggle to put food on the table, but I can't advocate this Anglican priest's suggestion that poor people should shoplift from large national chains. (Thanks to Anne Gordon for this link.)

Tuesday, December 22

Two Studies, Only One From the Duh! Dept.

Doodling while listening actually helps you concentrate! (That's new).

Co-ed dorms in college campuses lead to heavier drinking and more sexual behavior on the part of residents. (Duh!)

Both studies summarized here. The doddling paper is available in full here.

Sunday, December 20

Duh! Dept.

Research shows that parents contribute more to their pre-teens' academic success by opening up lines of communication with them, by articulating what they expect from their children, and by engaging them with interesting and educational content at home. Parents contribute less to their children's academic success by organizing school bake sales. (I suppose the one new things here is that helping kids with homework helps, but not that much.)

Thursday, December 17

Boys are Not Girls

Two lessons: 1) Boys are not girls. 2) Boys are in trouble. Everyone seems to agree about the first point. The second one, it seems, is up for debate.

Tuesday, December 15

A Post-Modern Beit Midrash

Post-denominational, egaliatrian, (mostly) halakhic, beit midrash. Another big step in the return to ritual and text-study outside the Orthodox community.

Saturday, December 12

Sex Ed for Day Schools

The students colloquially refer to R. Haskel Lookstein's class in Ramaz on sexual ethics as "Sex with the rabbi." Cute, I suppose, but the topic is serious. The NY Times reports.

Thursday, December 10

Not To Beat A Dead Horse, But Parents Are Crazy

This time Time Magazine takes a potshot at overprotective, hypersensitive, helicopter parents.

How to Talk So Students Will Listen

Practical advice on talking to grade-school students from a master educator. Sometimes it's the little things that matter.

Tuesday, December 8

Extra Income

Teachers are always in search of a little extra income. Why not just sell your lesson plans on e-bay? (One teacher has made over thirty grand).

Sunday, December 6

Is there an alternative to day schools?

Rabbi Irving Greenberg gives a resounding "no!" I admit that it is hard to argue with him, despite the cost.

Thursday, December 3

Yiddish as English

How much Yiddish has made its way into spoken English, among Jews and among non-Jews? Who uses Yiddishisms and who doesn't? Who sprinkles their English with Hebrew slang? This survey has some answers.

Tuesday, December 1

Bring on the Guilt!!!

As any Jewish mother knows, guilt it good for you. Today, science has finally come around to what Bubbe has known all along.