Thursday, September 17

Portrait of an American Jewish Teen

I'm not sure if this new BBYO report (click on the "source" link to see the full report) on the religious lives of teens is just a bunch of cliches (today's teens want to customize everything, want instant gratification, multitask) or whether it is an insightful portrait of today's teens.

The fact that there are differences between its portrait and that of the much broader and deeper Soul Searching, makes me doubt at least some of it. For example, Soul Searching is less convinced that teens want everything to be out-of-the-box and anti-establishment. More importantly, Soul Searching claims that American teens take religion a lot more seriously than does this portrain .

Still, putting all these generalizations together on one page makes me wary of the hard work we have ahead of we are dedicated to long-term, disciplined study of texts as a key to Jewish living.


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