Sunday, December 14

College: A Too Expensive Neccesity

This was written before the current economic collapse, and people's financial worries have only gotten more severe. Is college education too expensive? Do students and parents get enough education and long-term earning power for the tens of thousands of dollars a year that they pay? Many Americans think not. Public Agenda asks Americans what they think about the high cost of higher education., and the NY Times comments as well. (And see this polemical piece by an angry parent in the Wall Street Journal).


At 1:58 AM, Blogger Eli7 said...

I certainly think the rising cost of college education is a serious problem, but the question of whether enough "long-term gaining power" is gained for tuition is the wrong question. Yes, of course it is a problem if people have college debt they can never pay back. But college education is valuable in its own right--in the ways it opens your mind and allows you access to different people, different thought processes, different cultures.

If college education is about earning power, then yes we could put a price on it. But if college education has far loftier aims, then it seems almost impossible to put an actual price on it.

(Which is not to say I think costs should keep ballooning or that I think $50,000 a year is reasonable. It's just to say that I don't really think you can put a price tag on college education.


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