Sunday, November 30

Jastrow Online

The Jastrow dictionary is available on line. Its not the fastest in the world, but it works.

Thursday, November 27

Call for Papers

The deadline for proposals for the annual conference of the Network for Research in Jewish Education is rapidly approaching.

Tuesday, November 25

Kids' Favorite Books

Kids vote for their favorite books of 2008. (No promise of quality, just popularity).

Sunday, November 23

The Borders of Anti-Semitism

I, for one, have not been a big fan of France's "celebrity philosopher," but in this interview he has some interesting things to say about the borders between critique of Israel and anti-Semitism.

Thursday, November 20

Youth, Religion, and Sexuality

Its one thing to talk about so-called traditional family values, and another thing to live up to them. Summarizing recent research, The New Yorker asks why evangelical American teens find themselves so often pregnant, and why families may be stronger is blue states.

Tuesday, November 18

Rav Kook in Translation

And accessible for free on the Web. Thanks to R. Yaacov Dovid Shulman.

Sunday, November 16

Cheating for the 21st Century

An insider talks about writing other people's term papers for cash. Why do I get the feeling that every teacher who has every assigned a paper has received one of these?

Thursday, November 13

College Tuition is Even More Expensive...

... if you don't graduate. And more and more people are not graduating. The Chronicle of Higher Education reports on what amounts to an enormous waste of resources.

Tuesday, November 11

Not All Bad

A recent study suggests that playing at least certain kinds of video games corresponds positively with civic engagement. I was suprised.

Saturday, November 8

Duh! Dept.

This just in: after extensive research it has been determined that some kids are naturally and instinctively better at math than others.

Thursday, November 6

Bring a Smile to the Classroom or Shabbat Table

R. Jonthan Mishkin has been doing innovative, creative, fun, and a bit wacky informal Torah education for years, and now he has collected some of his best material in a user-friendly book to liven up your classroom or home.

Tuesday, November 4

An Interesting Blog

Thought-provoking commentaries and reflections by a team of New York Times' educators.

Sunday, November 2

Not Just Any Kind of Praise

Positive reinforcement and praise can really boost student motivation, but only if it is the right kind of praise. Otherwise, it can be destructive.