Thursday, September 25


The Lookstein Center's new podcast on classroom teaching sounds like the just the kind of thing any teacher, experienced or new on the job, would be interested in. Mark Smilowitz is very thoughtful about the nitty-gritty of classrooms.

Tuesday, September 23

Keeping Marriages Strong

Ther'e has been a lot of talk lately about keeping Jewish marriages strong, and about educating students toward married life. The New York Times reports that a couple's shared financial expectations and attitudes may be very important.

Sunday, September 21

How Can Day Schools Save Money?

Many people have talked about saving schools money through cooperation and pooled resources. The AVI CHAI foundation is now doing something about it, offering grants to schools that will innovate and find new ways of cooperating.

Thursday, September 18

Share and Share Alike

From clip art to Perek HaMafkid, is a useful website that collects resources, worksheets, articles, and educational materials for Torah educators. Teachers can share their materials with others, and use or borrow the materials prepared by other teachers.

Also take a look at a similar (and more extensive) website in Hebrew,

Tuesday, September 16

Dumb, Dumber, and Dumbest

Is this, like, the most dumbest generation of college students ever, or what!? Some leading figures in the field have their doubts, and I tend to agree (Kohelet 7:10). See here and here.

Sunday, September 14

Daydream Believers

At least we are not wasting our time when we space out. The Boston Globe quotes a report that daydreaming can be really important, and students who don't have adequate opportunity to space out may not develop the creativity and imagination that is central to their development.

Thursday, September 11

The Beatles as a Window into Zionism?!?

What can the Beatles teach us about the state of Zionist culture?! The New York Times reports in advance of the big concert.

Monday, September 8

Weight, Kancel that Speling Test

In an age of "everything goes," I guess everything goze. Maybe not.

Tuesday, September 2

LeDavid Revisited

Please read this public service announcement.