Sunday, July 22

Orthodox Paradox?

Everyone will be discussing this essay, so you might as well read it.

Tuesday, July 17

Milon Shmitta

The online dictionary of Shmitta concepts, here.

Monday, July 16

Why Harry Can't Read

Of all the magical powers wielded by Harry Potter, perhaps none has cast a stronger spell than his supposed ability to transform the reading habits of young people. In what has become near mythology about the wildly popular series by J. K. Rowling, many parents, teachers, librarians and booksellers have credited it with inspiring a generation of kids to read for pleasure in a world dominated by instant messaging and music downloads.
The truth is....

UPDATE: See also here.

Friday, July 13

Summer Vacation

Why do kids need off so much time in the summer? Public schools instituted summer vacation in the early 20th century in response to reformers who thought that students were at risk for communicable disease and school administrators were increasingly using the summer months for vacations. Previously, schools were open year-round, but attendance was not compulsory.

Thursday, July 12

Tradition 40:2

The new issue of Tradition is now online here:
  • Editor's Note: Shalom Carmy
  • Remembering the Six-Day War: Norman Lamm
  • Living Donors and Markets for Body Parts: Ronnie Warburg
  • A Rabbinic Exchange on the Gaza Disengagement II: Aharon Lichtenstein & A.Y. Sylvetsky
  • Marriage of a Kohen and the Daughter of a Non-Jew: J. David Bleich
  • The Persistence of the Dialectic in the Works of Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik: William Kolbrener
  • Book Reviews: Jeffrey Saks, Deena Zimmerman

The Photograph

40 years later, the face in the photo speaks.
Azure reports.

Tuesday, July 3

Duh! Dept.

This just in from the Duh! Department:
Research: Video games cut into children's study time
When kids play video games on school days, boys spend 30% less time reading and girls spend 34% less time on their homework, compared to kids who did not play video games (although it didn't cut into time kids spent with family and friends).

Sunday, July 1

Beit Midrash New Hampshire

New Hampshire's Department of Education wants to develop high schools in which learning is tailored to students' interests and teachers become mentors instead of lecturers. "If we do this right, why would any kid drop out of high school?" asked a state Board of Education member. Details here, but compare to this.