Wednesday, March 28


The Responsa Project has a new website (in Beta) with many, many PDFs of essays from "Torah Journals" all available online at COTAR: Collection of Torah Articles by the Responsa Project.

Monday, March 26


This just in from the homework front:
A new review of research on homework says there is no conclusive evidence that homework "increases student achievement across the board."
News story here.
Report available here.
Archives of the homework debates here.

Explosive Child Seminars

The "Explosive Child" experts (see this post) are now doing web-based seminars for teachers as well as parents.
If you struggle with classroom management and discipline issues this would be a a very smart investment (based upon the wisdom we found in the book).
Click here for details.

Sunday, March 25

Korban Pesach

With no comment on our part regarding the initiative itself, the Korban Pesach (if it should happen this year) has a website here.

Thursday, March 22


"Some people keep God but throw out the culture. Some people keep the culture but throw out God. One guy leaves because of challenges to the veracity of the religion. Another guy will leave because he wants to go off and listen to Madonna. Each person has his own story.” When they gather, people beat on African drums, chain-smoke cigarettes, speak Yiddish, drink beer, play electric guitars and sing old Hasidic songs at the top of their lungs, creating a mutant yet richly textured variation of the culture they grew up with.
What is this? It's Chulent, where haredim on the fring tantsn of tsvay chasenes.

Read about it here.
Audio slide show here.

Sunday, March 18

Duh! Dept.

Barry Farber, a professor of psychology and education at Columbia University in New York, believes if teachers are satisfied with their job, they won't want to quit, regardless of age.

Well yeah, but AP Lit teacher, Mrs. Rose "Mama G" Gilbert, 88, is still an inspiration. Read here.

Friday, March 16

Parshat HaHodesh

Just in time for Parshat HaHodesh, a review of the workings of the Jewish calendar -- and a look at the "urban legend" that the Jewish and civil calender's line up every year.
(From the new Jewish Action online here.)

Thursday, March 15

Torah Bookshelf - Listen Online

If you missed last night's 9th Annual ATID Winter Conference you can listen online or download recording here.

The Changing Boundaries of the
Torah Bookshelf

What's In, What's Out, Who Decides?
Implications for Mitzvat Talmud Torah and for Curricula

(in Hebrew)
with Rabbi Adin Even-Yisrael Steinsaltz
in dialogue with
Rabbi Chaim Brovender, President, ATID Foundation
Mrs. Malka Puterkovski, Midreshet Lindenbaum

Monday, March 12

Political Desert

Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein featured in Friday's Haaretz.

UPDATE: English translation here.
"The very complexity of [Modern Orthodoxy] ... requires a certain level and ability to balance things and clarify issues. It is much simpler to follow a single flag."

Sunday, March 11

Everyone's Special II

This post is now a cartoon.

Wednesday, March 7

A Freilichin Google

We hadn't noticed in time, but Google celebrated Purim also...

Thursday, March 1

Everyone's Special?

Every kid is special. Every child has talent. Everyone's a winner (if we only allow schoolyard games without any competetive element).
What will this produce? The most narcissistic generation in history (according to this study).