Monday, February 16

Best Practice: Mishpatim

We're starting a new "column" here at Lamed -- featuring "best practices".
Email us ( with your teaching practices that succeed and we will feature them here.

Jeffrey Saks writes:
When I spent a year as the director of Yeshivat Ohr Yerushalayim I saw a fantastic "minhag" in the yeshiva: every year during the week of Parshat Mishpatim all of the boys in the yeshiva were expected to learn the parasha and Rashi very well and were quizzed on it at the end of the week. Beyond the general obligation of 2 Mikra ve-1 Targum this was the only time of the year a quiz was given, and it drove home the point that while all parshiyot are created equal, some are "more equal" than others. In other words, if one aspires to be a Talmid Hakham, or even a literate layperson, knowing all the Rashis on Mishpatim constitutes the ABCs of Nezikin. When I first heard about the yeshiva's custom I was a skeptic, but was won over by the end of the week.


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