Thursday, December 7

Special Appeal

Dear Friends,

We are sorry to report that on this past Saturday night ATID's offices were burglarized. The thieves made off with all of our computers, monitors, computer network server, and a large sum of cash. Although insurance will reimburse us on a certain percentage, the nature of hardware depreciation is such that we will only recoup a small amount, certainly not enough to replace our loss.

Fortunately, the many, many resources of our website at were not affected, as the site –- visited monthly by thousands of Jewish educators and interested laypersons –- is housed in a remote location. However, the loss of the computer network with its main data backup for our staff, and the ATID Fellows and Alumni who utilize our center, is to a certain extent irreplaceable. It represents the obliteration of many, many hours of manpower and creativity in our efforts to improve the field of Jewish education. (In hindsight we now understand the imperfections of our backup system, which preserved certain work on CDs, but not others.)

In light of this serious situation, and its adverse impact on ATID's important work, we turn to you, our friends, colleagues, and supporters, to help us rebuild. Your gift, of any size, is recognized as a charitable tax-deduction in America, Canada, or England. As we approach the end of fiscal year 2006 this enormous expenditure hits us particularly hard; however, the season may be especially convenient for you in planning your charitable giving before the end of the year.

At this moment there are two new publications in our Notes From ATID series awaiting sponsors. Each of them, authored or co-authored by leading educators and talmidei hakhamim, awaits your sponsorship, and can be dedicated in memory or in honor of worthy figures. These publications are disseminated widely, used by teachers in the field, and studied by discerning readers the world over.

Please join ATID in our mission to affect positive change in the world of Jewish education through training outstanding educational leadership, working with teachers and schools, and producing sophisticated teaching and resource materials. Contact us to discuss how your gift will make a difference for Torah education in Israel and throughout the Diaspora.

For more information, click here.

Rabbi Chaim Brovender
President, ATID
Rabbi Jeffrey Saks


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