Wednesday, November 1

New Sites

Some noteworthy new websites:
Scholars, students, teachers, librarians, poets, and other members of the
academic or literary community are invited to visit and consider
submitting work to, a new web site including articles, English translations of poems by the five major Spanish-Hebrew poets, a bibliography, etc.

Printer, Publisher, Peddler: The Business of the Jewish Book
The University of Pennsylvania Library has just made public a new web-exhibit entitled "Printer, Publisher, Peddler: The Business of the Jewish Book."
Book production is a business as well as a craft, a trade and an art form. Since the invention of moveable type in the fifteenth century, Jews as well as non-Jews have been engaged in the printing and sale of a surprisingly diverse array of editions of Judaica. This exhibition offers a small sampling of that vast panoply of creativity, based on the University of Pennsylvania’s distinguished library collections. The materials selected highlight not only the production but also the consumption side of the business of the Jewish book: who bought and sold printed Judaica.

The Jewish Book
Also from University of Pennsylvania Library: a new on-line exhibit based on the 2005-06 research theme "The Jewish Book: Material Texts and Comparative Contexts".
Among the questions the exhibit deals with: How have the materiality and formatting of texts from antiquity to the present shaped authorship, reception, interpretation, and transmission? How have the business of Jewish book production and the market forces of book consumption affected Jewish life and culture? How have the visual art and design of Jewish books shaped reading habits, legibility, recollection, and signification? How have cultures of Jewish reading changed over time, creating new forms of social experience while testing communal authority as well as gender boundaries? What has been the fate of Jewish books, libraries, book producers, publishers, and readers, under conditions of censorship and persecution?


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