Monday, October 30

The Teenage Brain

Why do teenagers sleep late, take risks, and won't listen? Click here for a map of the teenage brain -- a work in progress.

Reminds us of this old post on limmudei kodesh in the AM.

Saturday, October 28

Hadran Alakh

ATID's Racheli Lebel on Siyyum Massekhet Sukkah and reflections on women's Talmud study.
In Hazofe, here.

Wednesday, October 25

Single-Sex Ed

The New York Times reports today that the Bush administration is giving public school districts broad new latitude to expand the number of single-sex classes, and even schools, in what is widely considered the most significant policy change on the issue since a landmark federal law barring sex discrimination in education more than 30 years ago.

On single-sex vs. co-ed education in Jewish schools, click here and here.

Monday, October 23

Translating Halakhic Man

Lawrence Kaplan on working with the Rav in translating Ish haHalakhah.

Sunday, October 22

Why FFBs Hate BTs

The famous video, online now.

Wednesday, October 18

Research Tools

Click to enlarge.

Sunday, October 15

Mamash a Gevalt!

Sorry we didn't have this in time to post for Sukkot, but click here for Reb Shlomo Carlebach's Hallel and Hoshanos on Hoshana Rabba.

Isru Hag Sameach!

Monday, October 9


Tzniut and the fashion industry (and Mormons), here.

Thursday, October 5

Reb Hayyim's Esrog Box

Click here for Reb Hayyim Brisker's Esrog box (gift of the Volozhin yeshiva).
Hag Sameakh to one and all.