Saturday, September 30

VBM 5767

Yeshivat Har Etzion's new curricullum for the new year of their Virtual Beit Midrash.

Thursday, September 28


Who's controlled the Middle East (and Eretz Yisrael) over the past 5,000 years?
View this short video, giving it all to you in under 90 seconds.
(Warning: Controversial ending of post 1948-today.)

Tuesday, September 26

Tradition 39:3

The new issue of Tradition, now online, is a special issue marking the 50th anniversary of Rabbi Soloveitchik's Kol Dodi Dofek. Click here.

(See Jeffrey Saks' piece on the 1935 meeting of Rabbi Soloveitchik and Rav Kook, here.)

Early Admissions R.I.P.

On the passing of early admissions to American universities.

Monday, September 25

5767 Under Way

The new year has begun at ATID, with new Fellows and Faculty, and an exciting array of new undertakings, projects, and initiatives on behalf of Torah education.

The Fellows of Machzorim (cohorts) 8 and 9 will be working in two teams, each examining a set of key issues facing contemporary education.


Wednesday, September 20

"Rupture and Reconstruction" at ATID

Prof. Haym Soloveitchik will discuss his essay “Rupture and Reconstruction: The Transformation of Contemporary Orthodoxy” at an ATID Erev Diyyun, on the first night of Hol HaMoed Sukkot (Sunday, October 8) in Jerusalem.

When the essay appeared (in Tradition, Summer 1994) it awakened considerable discussion, interest, and debate within the Modern Orthodox community. It has provided a lens through which some amongst us view contemporary Jewish life and learning, as well as our work in Torah education.

The event is by invitation only, and is geared for those who have read the essay in advance (click here), prepared with questions and comments for discussion.

For information or an invitation, email ATID.

Monday, September 18


Could there be a Modern Orthodox "New Square" in Long Island?
Would it be "good for the Jews" or their schools?
Click here.

Sunday, September 17


On the varieties of the Selicha experience.
PowerPoint here.

Friday, September 15

Homework's a Waste of Time

A strong case is being made against the value of homework (at least in elementary schools).
3 new books claim it's a waste of time.
Review here.

Thursday, September 14

God's Many Faces

So it turns out that your image of God (what's He really like) actually says more about what you are like.
New study shows...

Wednesday, September 13

Chofetz Chaim Autograph

Jeffrey Saks posts:

In 1992 I was in Riga with YUSSR. The shul had a large storeroom full of old sifrei kodesh (literally hundreds of dusty, moldy volumes), which the shamash asked tourists to buy for foreign currency. For what was probably a fortune of cash to him, maybe it was $10, I took a stack of books -- not knowing that among them was an original edition Mishneh Berura. The endpages are covered in scribblings (including a few arithmetic calculations -- it seems to have been used as scratch paper!). When I returned to New York I showed it to a rare Judaica dealer, who pointed out that in the upper right hand corner of the inside cover is the Hebrew word "mugah" (checked, inspected). He told me that the Chofetz Chaim himself (and his sons-in-law) inspected each volume as it came back from the printers to make sure there were no mistakes in the binding, etc. That notation, "mugah", is none other than the Chofetz Chaim's own handwriting (according to the book dealer).

To see a scan of inside cover, click here.
When teaching halakhah, as I've done in various contexts since then, I always bring in the volume to class. I find the effect of having students touch a sefer which was held in the Chofetz Chaim’s own hands to be very powerful indeed.

Tuesday, September 12


In the old days, cheating involved copying off the smartest kid, or plagiarizing from the Encyclopedia Britannica -- you were doing something vile and dishonest, but at least you knew you'd get good stuff.
Nowadays, even money can't help...

Sunday, September 10


Artsonia is the world's largest kids' art museum. Aspiring for every child to have a special art gallery online, reflecting their masterpieces from pre-school through high-school, preserved forever.

Click here.

Wednesday, September 6 allows students (and teachers) to keep their notes online--and accesible from anywhere. A class can collaborate on a set of notes for any teacher's lessons, a person can keep private notebooks or choose when/if to share. Features handy online tools, like assignment reminders, word-lookup, comment on classmate/student work, etc.

Tuesday, September 5

Shana Abroad

Once upon a time, there was somehting called "Year Abroad". The Brits call it the "Gap Year".
Is this like our Shana BaAretz?

Click here.

Sunday, September 3

Spertus Online

Spertus College is making a wealth of resources available online: full-text to nearly 800 books and 25,000 articles in the area of Jewish studies, as well as the Encyclopedia Judaica, Bar-Ilan CD, etc., etc. Click here.

There's a yearly subscription fee, but it's only $20 for students and educators -- $35 for a two-year membership (sign-up here).