Thursday, June 22

Tanakh Personalities

Our friend R. Jonathan Mishkin has just published Tanakh Personalities, and has also made it available as a website:
An Encyclopedia of Biblical Personalities is an alphabetical listing of every individual mentioned in Tanakh. Its focus is the literal presentation of the stories and lives of the many people who populate the Bible. Entries contain three pieces of information. (1) The individual's name; (2) Locations where the person appears in Tanakh; (3) A summary of the personality's life as recorded in the text. For many individuals mentioned in the Torah I have also included the parshiyot in which they feature. Lengthy entries in Nakh contain a separate detail: when a career spans many chapters, I have noted the chapter numbers in which events occur. All entry titles are vocalized (are written with vowels), and the occasional name (of a person or a place), or term within the entry itself is also vocalized. Although this work is mainly concerned with the pshat of the Bible (the literal meaning of the text), I do occasionally cite drash in the form of Rabbinic interpretations. The sources for these references are given as well.


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