Thursday, June 29


The Hebrew Wikipedia has been building an online Aron Sefarim with many importatnt classical texts (including some things not readily available on common CDs).
Click here.

Wednesday, June 28

Clearing the Smoke

Quotation of the Day:
"I am here to say the debate is over: the science is clear."
RICHARD H. CARMONA, the surgeon general, announcing that there is no safe level of secondhand smoke.

Is there any possible arguement that it's halakhically permitted to smoke?
Click here to do some summer research for the shiurim you'll give to tackle the issue.

Tuesday, June 27

Drisha Arts

Drisha in NY is opening an Arts Fellowship to allow professional artists (visual artists, poets, creative writers, etc.) will learn in an open and dynamic Beit Midrash, and develop skills to interpret classical Jewish texts.
Details here.

Monday, June 26

JA Summer 2006

A new Jewish Action is online here, with a focus on life stories of remarkable converts to Judaism and a section on loss and bereavement.

Sunday, June 25

Social Injustice

Beit Morasha is running a conference this Tuesday, June 27, on "Social Injustice in the School System" with the participation of Knesset members, academics, rabbis and communal leaders.

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ORA is doing something about agunot by promoting the these rabbis).
A worthy attempt to both prevent problems, solve them once they exist, and educate the community.

Thursday, June 22

Tanakh Personalities

Our friend R. Jonathan Mishkin has just published Tanakh Personalities, and has also made it available as a website:
An Encyclopedia of Biblical Personalities is an alphabetical listing of every individual mentioned in Tanakh. Its focus is the literal presentation of the stories and lives of the many people who populate the Bible. Entries contain three pieces of information. (1) The individual's name; (2) Locations where the person appears in Tanakh; (3) A summary of the personality's life as recorded in the text. For many individuals mentioned in the Torah I have also included the parshiyot in which they feature. Lengthy entries in Nakh contain a separate detail: when a career spans many chapters, I have noted the chapter numbers in which events occur. All entry titles are vocalized (are written with vowels), and the occasional name (of a person or a place), or term within the entry itself is also vocalized. Although this work is mainly concerned with the pshat of the Bible (the literal meaning of the text), I do occasionally cite drash in the form of Rabbinic interpretations. The sources for these references are given as well.

Outsourcing Homework

"It's so easy to cheat and steal from the Internet that I don't even assign papers anymore," said the teacher. "I got tired of night after night checking for cheaters."
Is getting your work done by downloading it off the Internet--that 8-billion-page, cut-and-pastable encyclopedia--just another form of outsourcing? How can teachers adjust to the new e-plagiarism?
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Wednesday, June 21

Rabbi Hoff

Visit Rabbi Naphtali Hoff's brilliant webquests.
It's both a useful resource for teachers and students, and a good model for his colleagues to use.
Based in Chicago, he also has a catalog of workshops he delivers to teachers and a Rashi curriculum.

Tuesday, June 20

Jewish Future

Ted Koppel (of NightLine fame) walks into 47th Street Photo to buy a camera. The hassidic guy behind the counter says, "So you're on TV, huh? You make a living with that?"
This, and other reflections on the future of the Jewish people, in a video stream here.
(With Rav Steinsaltz, A.B. Yehoshua, Cynthia Ozick, etc.)

Monday, June 19

Blog Shiur

R. Alex Israel is teaching Navi by blog.
Click here.

Sunday, June 18


Archives of the first 6 volumes of BDD--Journal of Torah and Scholarship (from bar-Ilan) available here.

Tuesday, June 13

Follow the Money

Hirhurim has an interetsing post about yeshiva tuitions, here.

Sunday, June 11

National Library Clearance Sale

Thursday, June 8

Bergen Belsen HaTikvah

Newscast recording from Bergen Belsen after the Liberation.

Wednesday, June 7

Shavua HaSefer

Shavua HaSefer (Book Week) is celebrated throughout Israel this year on June 7-17 (11-21 Sivan 5766).
In honor of the 80th year of this amazing cultural event, we bring you links to ATID's catalog of books and resources for Jewish education, available through or through our office.

Tuesday, June 6

Tanakh Days

Michlelet Herzog's Yemei Iyun in Tanakh, July 17-20.
Details here.

Hear the Rav

New wesbite with Rabbi Soloveitchik audio files (and transcripts).

See also here and here.


Monday, June 5

Ten Da'at

The most recent Ten Da'at (#18) is online here.
Highlights include...
  • MICHAEL BROYDE, "May an Orthodox Yeshivah Day School or High School Provide Parsonage to Women Teaching Judaic Studies?"
  • MOSHE BLEICH, "Music in Schools during the Mourning Periods of Sefirah and the Three Weeks"
  • CHAIM FEUERMAN, "A (Not So) New Perspective on How to Respond to Hutzpah in Students and in Significant Others"
  • JEFFREY KOBRIN, "Preparing Students for Survival Beyond Day School: A Curriculum"
  • TZVI PITTINSKY, "The Role of Teacher and Student in Jewish Education According to Rabbi Soloveitchik"

Sunday, June 4

Rav Kook and Art

Click here for an audio archive of recent discussions (with downloadable texts) on Rav Kook, art and Jewish education.
As part of ATID's Art Initiative, we are pleased to bring you this archive of discussion and learning sessions exploring the world of Rav Avraham Yitzhak HaKohen Kook zt"l and how his teachings shed light about the place of art and creativity in religious life and Jewish education. Listen online, or download the audio sessions and accompanying texts.

Thursday, June 1


We just noticed that 2 new volumes of the OU Torah journal Mesorah have been made available online (they're not new to print, just to the web).
Past issues are archived here as PDFs.
See the new additions:
Vol 19: Memorial issue for Rav Ahron Soloveitchik zt"l
Vol 21: The Rav on Kiddushin, chap. 1; Rav Belsky on avoda zara wigs (remember that?)
(What happened to vol. 20?)