Thursday, May 11

Munkatch 1933

Actual video footage of a Jewish wedding in Munkatch, 1933.

From the wedding of Frime Chaye Rivke Shapira, daughter of Grand Rebbe Eleazer Shapira of Munkatch, author of Minchas Eleazer (d. 1936), to Rabbi Rabinowitz in March 1933. She was the mother of the present Munkatcher and Dinover Rebbes. Includes other scenes of Jewish life in Munkacs, Hungary, both of secular and religious Jews: The Munkatcher Rebbe makes a speech in Yiddish exhorting Jews in America to continue to keep Shabbat. The wedding party then enters the synagogue grounds, and the cantor sings blessings beneath the chupah. The wedding concludes with festive hasidic music. Newspaper accounts indicate that some 20,000 people attended the celebrations. Also seen: Secular Jewish children singing in Munkatch, and traditional religious children studying in Orthodox Religious School in Munkatch. Also seen: Book peddler and weaver in Munkatch and secular Jews dancing in Munkatch.

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