Wednesday, April 5

R. Soloveitchik Pesach Guides

From our ATUDA program, we present two teaching and study guides related to Rabbi Soloveitchik's Pesach Torah...

A Guide to Rabbi Soloveitchik’s
"Mizvat Keriyat Shema u-Zekhirat Yezi’at Mizrayim"

by Naftali Balanson
This is a teaching guide to Rav Soloveitchik’s "Mizvat Keriyat Shema u-Zekhirat Yezi’at Mizrayim," the opening essay of his Shi’urim le-Zekher Abba Mari. The guide contains two suggested lessons for high school classes; the first is geared towards a traditional Gemara shiur, while the second is an innovative attempt to access philosophical ideas that originate in halakhah. As such, Rav Soloveitchik’s lomdut is utilized as the culmination of in-depth study of a sugya in Massekhet Berakhot, in one case, and as a springboard for exploring his own philosophic writings, in the other. Through these lessons, students can gain a firmer grasp on Keriyat Shema, its third paragraph, and their implications in the world of halakhah, hashkafah, and tefillah.

The Educational Experience of Sippur Yezi’at Mizrayim

by Benjamin Zimmerman
This project presents, based on Rav Soloveitchik's analysis, the Passover Seder as the Torah teacher's manual for successfully transmitting the Jewish heritage to children. The paper delineates many of the educational tenets set forth in the Seder and how they can be incorporated into a yearly curriculum. Numerous nuances of the Seder night come alive, through the penetrating comments of the Rav, as educational insights with pedagogical wisdom. Hopefully, delineating the Seder’s educational message and methodology will help achieve its realization in all forums of Jewish education throughout the year.


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