Tuesday, February 28


This just in from the "Duh! Department":
"Study finds that education is key to reducing social gaps."

Monday, February 27

Yom Kippur Katan

Thanks to Anonymous, we bring you info on Yom Kippur Katan (=Erev Rosh Chodesh):
Click here and here and listen here (commercial link, here).
Chodesh Tov to all.

Sunday, February 26

Yerushalmi Reviewed

Artscroll has just produced the first volume in their planned 10-year project of translation the Talmud Yerushalimi. Jpost comments: "Revolutions like these in Jewish scholarship are rare and can often only be best appreciated with considerable hindsight. Yet in the relatively short amount of time that Artscroll Talmuds have been appearing in study halls and Jewish homes around the world, it is clear the Mesorah publishing house has offered a valuable contribution to the spread of Jewish study. By unmasking this vast yet historically under-appreciated text of the Talmudic period, this series is sure to be recognized as an important and necessary step in the evolution of Jewish scholarship."
Will it impact on study habits, curricula, the "Jewish Bookshelf"--who knows?
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Thursday, February 23

Online Audio: ATID Seminar on ADHD

Download Audio or Listen Online
Connecting to the Student with ADHD
Workshop and Book Launching

  • Connecting to the Student with ADHD
  • Understanding the Learning Experience from his/her Perspective
  • Finding Strategies for the ADHD Student to Succeed in Torah Education
Listen online to the teacher workshop (in Hebrew) with Dr. Simcha (Stuart) Chesner exploring his method of understanding ADHD and behavioral difficulties in school. Dr. Chesner guides teachers on ways to understand the student's learning experience, enabling us to be more effective educators.

Recorded at our conference on Monday evening, January 30, 2006 / Rosh Chodesh Shvat 5766

Dr. Simcha Chesner, clinical psychologist, is the founder and Rosh Yeshiva of Bnei Chayil High School in Jerusalem--Israel's first school catering to the needs of ADHD students. He is also the founder of Matara Institute for diagnosis and treatment of behavioral problems and ADHD. In 1998 he created the "Jacob's Ladder" Center to train educators and therapists to deal with these issues. His approach, NBCD (Neuro-Behavioral Cognitive Dynamics), is used in educational institutions throughout the country. Dr. Chesner is a member of ATID's professional advisory board. Yeshivat Bnei Chayil is a "laboratory" site for ATID's Beit Midrash Initiative. Dr. Chesner's newest book, "HaYeled Betokh HaShiryon" ("The Child Within the Armor"), will be for sale at discounted prices.

Wednesday, February 22

Hesder and Torat Chesed

The newspapers are reporting on rumblings about the future of the hesder yeshivot (click here from Jpost).
25 years ago, R. Aharon Lichtenstein explained the ideology of combing Torah study with defense of the State of Israel--read here.

Tuesday, February 21


E-mail has made teachers much more approachable. But many say it has made them too accessible, erasing boundaries that traditionally kept students at a healthy distance.
Today's NYT "Quote of the Day":
"You're spending too much time with my moron classmates and you ought to be focusing on those of us who are getting the material."
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Monday, February 20

Yesodi, Dear Watson

The Hebrew language detective has launched a new blog: Balashon.
An American in Israel investigates language -- modern and classic Hebrew, slang, Yiddish, Aramaic, Yeshivish, and more -- with an eye on etymology.
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Friday, February 17

Turn It On

On the glory days of children's educational TV.
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Wednesday, February 15

Reality Check

More on this (homes and schools sometimes see things differently) by clicking here.

Monday, February 13

Real Devarim Curriculum

Rabbi Yitzchak Twersky's RealTorah website has the curriculum for teaching Devarim that he prepared (for use in the Frisch School).
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(It's not technically a curriculum, but more a syllabus of which topics/sections to focus on and the mefarshim to be used with various sections--but let us not nit-pick.)

Sunday, February 12

Depends How You Look At It

Considering they share responsibility for 50 million children, American parents and teachers sure have some different views about what goes on in school...
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Thursday, February 9

Homework Poll

Too much homework? Not enough?
Some interesting results--from parents and teachers--about homework.
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Wednesday, February 8

Online Conference

"Opening Gates in Teacher Education"
February 13-15 -- Only Online
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Monday, February 6

From the Coming Parsha

See Shmot 15:4-10.

Sunday, February 5

Perfect Attendance

Maybe we sound like crotchety old folks, but we remember when the reward for perfect attendance was a good education...
"Across the country, schools have begun to offer cars, iPods — even a month's rent — as incentives to students to improve their attendance."
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Friday, February 3

Early Childhood Oneg

Jewish philanthropists have recently begun to recognize the importance of Jewish education in a young child’s life. In what is known as the Jewish Early Childhood Education Initiative (JECEI), several prominent foundations and donors have joined forces to improve the quality of Jewish early childhood programs and increase the number of children attending Jewish nursery schools. The goal is to give more children a meaningful Jewish experience when they are young in the hope of fostering in them a commitment to Judaism that will last a lifetime.
The Jewish week is asking: Yeah, but what about what goes on at home? Click here...

Thursday, February 2


Thanks to Anonymous, we bring you info on Shovavim (also here and here and even in Yiddish).
Check back on Erev Rosh Chodesh (Feb. 27) for info on Yom Kippur Katan.

(The groundhog probably isn't fasting today. We're not sure how that impacts on the prediction.)

Wednesday, February 1

Groundhog Day


Tomorrow (Feb. 2) is Groundhog Day.
Like Yom Kippur Katan, it's a special opportunity for teshuvah--when you may not have even realized that mitzvah was back on the calandar.