Monday, December 26

Lost Generation

If you were to ask an average Jew, say, fifty or a hundred years ago, what made Jews different from others, you would almost certainly get an answer that had something to do with education. Trough out history, the conventional wisdom has always gone, Jews have placed a greater emphasis on literacy and intellectual mastery than any other people.

And today?

Educational excellence--this is a central pillar upon which a Jewish state should stand, and the most important way Zionism has fallen short, claim the editors of Azure. The transformation of Israel’s schools into among the finest on earth, from the elementary level to the universities, is the greatest challenge facing the Zionist enterprise in the next generation. Click here...


At 1:07 PM, Anonymous mycroft said...

One of the problems is the myth that Jews are better than non-Jews in academic studies. Certainly, there is on the surface apparent evidence for Jews doing well-Nobel prizes etc-but those deal with rare individuals.
Example a few years ago in NYS they published the results of 4th and 8th grade test scores-and the local modern Yeshivas did worse than the surrounding area public schools.
Someone in know told me about in a large day school in metro NY that the IQs are near 100,
Maybe mythology is causing angst.


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