Tuesday, December 6

Armored Child

This year ATID has launched a partnership with Jerusalem's Yeshivat Bnei Chayil, which serves as one of our "laboratory schools", implementing our Beit Midrash Initiative. ATID's director Rabbi Jeffrey Saks serves as the project "coach", working with the staff to custom tailor the the project for the needs of the students.

Bnei Chayil's Rosh Yeshiva, Dr. Simcha (Stuart) Chesner has just published an important book in Hebrew for educator's of students with ADD/ADHD: HaYeled Betokh HaShiryon: LeHitchaber la-Yeled ha-Sovel me-ADHD u-me-Keshiye Hitnahagut ("Touching the Child Within the Armor") published by "Ach" Press.

We are pleased to provide as a PDF web download the important annotated bibliography that Dr. Chesner provides in the book. Click here...


At 9:06 PM, Anonymous ADHD said...

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