Wednesday, November 16

What Teens See on TV

What the nation's teenagers see on TV has been getting a lot of attention recently. A report from the Kaiser Family Foundation concluded that sexual content in television shows has doubled since 1998, and 70 percent of the top 20 shows watched by teens have such content.

Public Agenda examined attitudes about television in their report "What Parents Are Saying About TV Today." They found parents say television is an inescapable presence, even as they worry about what their children learn from it. Seven in 10 say they've been personally shocked or offended by something on TV in the past year. Yet eight in 10 also say they've seen a program with a good message over the same period.

Parents largely reject the "no TV" approach, but also believe they must exercise some control. Consequently, TV viewing tends to be an area of continual negotiation and compromise and many factors might be taken into account, such as the age of the child, whether the parent can watch, whether the homework is done and whether the day has already been full of parental questions and pestering.

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