Monday, September 19

Yeshiva Directions

Here's a summary of an interesting doctoral dissertation completed recently at Loyola:
How have changing conditions, in America generally and in the American Jewish community, affected what kind of Jewish schools are both possible and desirable? Focusing on an Orthodox all-boys elementary school, this study employs a synthesis of modern secular scholarship and traditional Jewish scholarship to explore this question. Historical research is used to describe the past century of Orthodox Jewish education in America, detailing the development and diversification of the day school. The social changes that have occurred over the past century are detailed, with special consideration as to how those changes might effect the educational methods that are possible and desirable. A synthesis of the traditional philosophy, current situation, and secular methods, produces a picture of an ideal Jewish school. Based on this ideal picture, specific recommendations are made to improve current educational practice within Jewish schooling.
Barney Berlin, The Strictly Orthodox Jewish Day School: Directions for the Future
Click here for full dissertation as a PDF (162 pages).


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