Tuesday, August 30

OMG! Generation Y Religion

If the Baby Boom was characterized as a “generation of seekers,” their offspring, Generation Y, is a “generation of individuals.” Their parents sowed the seeds of the triumph of individuality and their children see themselves as having the freedom to figure out who they are, to explore their relationship with God and spirituality, and to determine their place in society. This generation is characterized by open mindedness and tolerance, believing that people should do their own thing, even if it seems strange to others. For many, pursuing the American Dream simply means, “doing whatever I want.”

Click here for the study "OMG!: How Generation Y is Redefining Faith in the iPod Era"
Examines religious identity, practice , and participation of 18-25 year olds--shows rise of diversityand plaralism, decline of denominationalism. However, religious teens are more self-aware, more active in politics, community.


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