Wednesday, August 31

Summer Distractions XII

Tomorrow is September 1st, and school starts again (in Israel at least), so we bring you the final installment of "Summer Distractions". Good luck everyone!

Tuesday, August 30

OMG! Generation Y Religion

If the Baby Boom was characterized as a “generation of seekers,” their offspring, Generation Y, is a “generation of individuals.” Their parents sowed the seeds of the triumph of individuality and their children see themselves as having the freedom to figure out who they are, to explore their relationship with God and spirituality, and to determine their place in society. This generation is characterized by open mindedness and tolerance, believing that people should do their own thing, even if it seems strange to others. For many, pursuing the American Dream simply means, “doing whatever I want.”

Click here for the study "OMG!: How Generation Y is Redefining Faith in the iPod Era"
Examines religious identity, practice , and participation of 18-25 year olds--shows rise of diversityand plaralism, decline of denominationalism. However, religious teens are more self-aware, more active in politics, community.

Monday, August 29

Summer Distractions XI

Sunday, August 28

Hiding and Seeking

The moving documentary Hiding and Seeking: Faith and Tolerance After the Holocaust will be broadcast in North America on PBS this Tuesday evening, August 30th, in most cities at 10 PM--but check local listings.
For more info, click here and here.
On the value of the film in helping us address racism in Jewish schools, click here.

Is it possible to heal wounds and bitterness passed down through generations? An Orthodox Jewish father tries to alert his adult sons to the dangers of creating impenetrable barriers between themselves and those outside their faith. He takes them on an emotional journey to Poland to track down the family who risked their lives to hide their grandfather for more than two years during World War II. Like many children of survivors, the sons feel that Poland is a country that is incurably anti-Semitic, but it is precisely here that they meet people who personify the highest levels of compassion. "Hiding and Seeking" explores the Holocaust's effect on faith in God as well as faith in our fellow human beings.

Thursday, August 25

Summer Diversions X

Sunday, August 21

Summer Distractions IX

Monday, August 15

Food, Glorious Food

On the lighter side, and for post-Tisha B'Av, click here...

Thursday, August 11

Summer Distractions VIII

Sunday, August 7

Summer Distractions VII

Friday, August 5

Only in America

Israeli secular intellectuali are often interested in American haredi life. Possibly because of the many differences with Israeli haredi life.
Haaretz profiles Lakewood, NJ, with quotes from ATID's faculty member Dr. Yoel Finkelman.
Click here for Hebrew and here for English.

Summer Diversions IV

Thursday, August 4

Summer Diversions III

Wednesday, August 3

Book Banning?

Do you favor censorship in the schools? Like it or not, schools still represent our chief vehicle for instilling public morals in our young. In a very real sense, then, the schools must censor: they have to choose certain materials to teach and certain materials to suppress or delete, based upon the messages that these materials transmit. Five simple rules for banning books...

Tuesday, August 2

Divrei Bieler

Rabbi Jack Bieler, of the Kemp Mill Synagogue in Silver Spring, is one of Modern Orthodoxy's most thoughtful educators. His shul's website has an archive of his shiurim, sermons, and essays.
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Monday, August 1

We Jews

R. Adin Steinsaltz grew up as the only child of a decidedly non-religious, socialist family. At a reception in the home of the President of Israel, to celebrate the first volume of the Steinsaltz Talmud, his father, who had once fought for the Spanish leftist government, remarked with an ironic smile: "They say that someone like my son appears only once in 2,000 years--and it had to happen to me!"
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