Thursday, July 7

Tough Love in the Classroom

The man named by students as "Tel Aviv's Best Teacher" has a plan to stamp out violence and vacuousness in secular schools: maximum caring and maximum toughness. If some of his proposals sound a bit fascist, he isn't perturbed--after all, school isn't summer camp.
Ha'aretz reports... Hebrew here (with side-bar here). English here (with side-bar here).

"Secular education in Israel is bankrupt," he says. "It has no moral value system that can stand as a model for the children. That's why they get lost." Compared to what--religious education? "Certainly. There, they have ethical education. There they don't raise hollow kids. There the kids grow with the values that are imparted to them: reward and punishment, duties and privileges, country, army, giving to others, love of mankind, helping a friend, being a human being--a mensch. The good old Jewish values."


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