Monday, June 27


Most teachers love teaching, but teaching is often not so easy to love. True, the profession is gaining respect: in 2003, 49 percent of adults thought teaching was a profession with "very great" prestige; in 1977, only 29 percent thought so. But teachers' salaries are well below what similarly educated professionals expect. The average salary for a teacher in 2003 was $45,771.

About 20% of teachers hold second jobs. Where could we get more money for salaries? NYT suggests an interesting idea...


At 3:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who says teachers earn little. Try and get a job teaching. By academic ability there is probably no field with the same low average SAT's and GRE's etc-that earns that much. Never mi9nd the 1/2 the hours they work compared to other workers.


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