Wednesday, June 29

God in the Classroom

The recent US Supreme Court split decisions on First Ammendment issues may generate renewed interest in the role of religion in public schools. An interesting new book is under review in TCR:
Does God Belong in Public Schools? by Kent Greenawalt
An insightful and very helpful discussion on the role of religion in public education. Much of the book deals with constitutional issues, but the larger section deals with curricular topics, where constitutional analysis takes a back seat to understanding what is at issue educationally. Greenawalt argues that the historical and continuing cultural importance of religion gives educators strong reason to include religious perspectives in courses, much more than they now do. In particular, he shows that religion has an appropriate and important role in the study of history, civics, literature, and economics. He also argues that “text and teachers that discuss general perspectives on value questions should not, explicitly or implicitly, foreclose the appropriateness of religious approaches” for to do so would impoverish ducation.

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