Tuesday, April 12

Lonely Man at 40

This summer marks forty years since the publication of Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik's monumental The Lonely Man of Faith which appeared originally in Tradition (Summer 1965).

ATID has convened an online symposium gathering reflections and insights by Orthodox educators and communal leaders on what the central ideas contained in The Lonely Man of Faith have meant to them personally. How have those ideas shaped or informed their work as a teacher of Torah or Jewish communal leader? What is the continued relevance of "The Lonely Man of Faith" to contemporary religious life? How have those ideas affected the Jewish community? How might they?

Contributions to the symposium will be uploaded to our website over the coming months--numerous essays have already been "published" to the web. For the Table of Contents, click here.
ATID invites you to write an essay for the symposium. Guidelines to contributors can be found here.


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