Monday, March 21

Bag o' Tricks

TCR reviews a new book that presents a selection of teaching problems and actual solutions implemented by teachers in the field. Click for more.
Quick Hits for New Faculty: Successful Strategies by Award-Winning Teachers is a sensible book, written for practicing teachers facing real classroom problems. Its lessons are presented in a way that makes them immediately applicable in most teaching situations, with a minimum of adjustment. Contributors have assiduously refrained from advancing an agenda or arguing minute points of theory. And in an unusual move, the editors have included contact information for all contributors. This renders the book all the more useful and demonstrates the generous core motivation of the writers: to reach out to colleagues and share teaching experiences in meaningful ways. The inclusion of an aggregate bibliography adds to the value of the book as a reference for research, and a comprehensive index assures its usefulness as a handbook for practice. This unassuming book can be a valuable tool for new faculty as they struggle to establish themselves in the classroom and aspire to teaching excellence.


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