Saturday, February 5

Alan Brill Online

A few weeks ago we let you know that YU's Dr. Alan Brill would be making his course on ideology and history of Modern Orthodoxy available online.

Our friend Uri Cohen lets us know that it's now live:
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From: "Dr. Yocheved and Rabbi Uri Cohen"
Sent: Friday, February 04, 2005 3:13 PM
Subject: modern orthodox reading list

I think you'll be interested to know that Rabbi Dr. Brill's syllabus for the Modern Orthodoxy course he's giving this semester is online. Click here.

The good news is that he's putting a lot of the materials from his reading list online as well, one week at a time. So far, the materials--and the audio of the actual classes--for the first 3 units are online. Looks like it will be updated weekly. Click here.


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