Thursday, January 20

ATID Fellows 2005-06

Are you the future of Jewish education?
ATID has been established in order to enable talented Orthodox men and women, who have a rich background in Torah study, to develop the tools to make informed decisions about the education of the next generation. We have established ATID to help shape and develop the future of educational leadership in our community. These future leaders and visionaries will be the teachers and builders of educational institutions, and the forces in setting the educational agenda within the Jewish community in Israel and abroad.

In the coming academic year (starting September 2005) the ATID Fellowship will again be comprised of a select number of people who have shown early promise of taking roles as leaders for Torah education. The Jerusalem-based in-service program consists of weekly seminars, individual and group research projects and field work, and mentoring by senior educators. Fellows are generally in the first 5-10 years of their professional life, and have at least a BA (or equivalent). The fellowship is awarded for two consecutive academic years, and the academic program runs from September-June (inclusive). Each Fellow will receive a yearly stipend of $3,500 (US).

We ask prospective Fellows to submit a CV before applying. Qualified candidates will be invited to complete the application process (the deadline for which is April 21, 2005). Send your CV by email to or by fax to 02-567-1723. (Be sure to indicate your contact details, and date of birth.)

For more details on the ATID Fellows program, click here.
For details in Hebrew, click here.


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