Wednesday, December 22

Shanghai Ghetto

Coming to DVD is a well-made documentary on the Jewish escape to the far-east during the Holocaust. The film brings this little known story to light. Read review here. View trailor here. If you're a Jewish history teacher, you may want to get it for your classroom.

One of the most amazing and captivating survival tales of WWII, the overwhelmingly acclaimed SHANGHAI GHETTO has been declared “a don’t miss documentary powerful…eye-opening” (New York Observer). Stirringly narrated by Academy Award® winner Martin Landau, SHANGHAI GHETTO recalls the strange-but-true story of thousands of European Jews who were shut out of country after country while trying to escape Nazi persecution in the late 1930s. Left without options or entrance visas, a beacon of hope materialized for them on the other side of the world, and in the unlikeliest of places, Japanese-controlled Shanghai. Fleeing for their lives, these Jewish refugees journeyed to form a settlement in the exotic city, penniless and unprepared for their new life in the Far East.

Maybe you knew that the Jews of Mir (and its yeshiva) were among the refugees to Shanghai. You might not have known that the whole episode gave us the famous "International Date-Line" shaila.


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