Wednesday, December 8

Modern Orthodoxy Course

The venerable pillar of journalism, Yeshiva College's COMMENTATOR reports that Dr. Alan Brill will offer a course on the history and ideology of Modern Orthodoxy in Spring 2005. The Commie reports:
The course will focus on the differences and histories of the many types of Modern Orthodoxy, such as the relationship between German and American orthodoxy, the new Religious Zionists, and will include discussions as to where Yeshiva [University] falls into the mix.

The course, slated for 3:00-4:15 on Mondays and Wednesdays this Spring, will be offered by simulcast over the internet for people outside the University. Now that's helpful to teachers. Let's hope YU gets the message and starts doing more of this.

See the list of "essential readings" on Modern Orthodoxy recently compiled in the Lookjed Forum. Click here.


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