Thursday, January 29

Gray Matter 3

Rabbi Chaim Jachter is a teacher at the Torah Academy of Bergen County in Teaneck, and a dayyan on the Elizabeth Beit Din. The third volume of his wonderful series, Gray Matter: Exploring Contemporary Halakhic Challenges, has just been released. If you're a halakhah teacher, or need to prepare occasional shiurim on a variety of contemporary issues, you'll find it to be a wonderful resource. The book can be ordered online here.

In addition, scores of his written shiurim are archived at Rav J's Halacha Files. Topics range from Hilkhot Shabbat to bullfighting(!), agunot after 9/11, tevilat kelim, yichud -- and many others (a number of the shiurim are on Tanakh and aggada as well). Each file puts forth and analyzes the central sources in the sugya, usually ending with the modern poskim (special affinity for R. Ovadiah Yosef, R. Moshe Feinstein, and Rabbi Soloveitchik -- with tidbits tossed in from when Rabbi Jachter was the Rav's shamash). In the spirit of "mi-talmidai yoter mi-kulam" Rav J often cites, by name, the insights and questions of his students, which arose in the original delivery of the shiurim.

Lookjed houses some of his other hiddushei Torah, also generated from the interaction of teaching and learning with his students. Download PDFs on Massekhet Sukkah and Massekhet Sanhedrin.


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